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Xanax and Pregnancy

Xanax is the generic name for alprazolam. It is an anti-anxiety drug which is safe in most of the people. However when it comes to the pregnant women, this drug can have pretty damaging effects! The research regarding the “damaging effects” of Xanax in pregnancy is inconclusive but it is always advisable that you inform your doctor about your pregnancy or if you are planning a baby so that the doctor can discuss alternatives with you.

Xanax For Anxiety

Classification of Xanax
US FDA confirms the classification of Xanax as class D which means that it is not safe in pregnancy, especially during your first trimester. FDA points out that Xanax can lead to congenital abnormalities for fetus and that there can also be withdrawal symptoms post pregnancy.

The research however contradicts the findings of FDA. The reports and findings in the research conducted by “Medscape” in 2005 depict that Xanax does not poses significant risks to the birth of a baby. But mark the words carefully. The study says that the drug does not cause “significant risks,” which means that there can be chances of “some insignificant risks.”
Even the research says that infants might experience withdrawal symptoms such as hyptonia as well as impaired metabolic response.

Xanax is basically used for treating anxiety, a condition which is strictly overlooked during pregnancy. Studies showcase that only 20% of the doctors monitor the pregnant women for any kind of anxiety. However, it is also one factor that can cause premature birth or behavioral inhibitions. Therefore it is very important that the pregnant ladies should discuss their anxiety symptoms with the doctor for treating it.

Though Xanax is good but during pregnancy, a lot of doctors avoid recommending it to you. The best alternative in such a case can be the natural treatment such as mind and body therapy, acupuncture as well as magnesium supplements. Prenatal yoga as well as massage can also be good for treating anxiety during pregnancy. The pregnant women who are considering any of the alternative remedies should also discuss the symptoms as well as side effects with their doctor beforehand.